Capture Important Moments With Our Event Photography
Special event photography in Lancaster, SC, is a breeze with Tamra Mahaffee Artwork and Photography. We provide experienced photographer services for proms and formals, family reunions, corporate events, graduation celebrations, and so much more. Whatever the special occasion, our photographers can work with you to capture all the details.
Tamra Mahaffee has worked with business owners and families in Lancaster, Rock Hill, and beyond to photograph events of all kinds, and she always takes the time to learn about your unique needs. We understand that your special event is personal, and we go out of our way to showcase all of the details you want to celebrate.
Corporate Event Photography & Branding
Tamra Mahaffee is an event photographer serving Lancaster, SC, who provides expert photography for corporate events when you need to showcase your best. We understand your company’s images play a massive role in your branding. Our corporate event and branding photography services in Lancaster, SC, are designed to work with your style guide and branding guidelines.

Whether you need headshots, photos captured for marketing materials, or just some fun, candid shots taken at a corporate event, Tamra Mahaffee Artwork and Photography provides customized service solutions. In fact, Tamra was recognized by the Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce for her corporate event photography. The Chamber honored Tamra by asking her to take photos of famed NASA astronaut Charlie Duke at “An Evening With Astronaut Charlie Duke”, a special event celebrating the life of an American hero.
Tamra Mahaffee Artwork and Photography is the corporate event photographer in Lancaster, SC, that business owners trust with their branding. Let us show you the difference we can make. Schedule your corporate event photography in Lancaster or Rock Hill right now using our convenient online contact form.
Headshots and Corporate Profile Photography
In business, imagery is one of the best ways to build trust and demonstrate your experience and expertise. Headshots are almost a requirement in the digital age, and many business professionals require professional headshots for use with social media profiles, corporate intranet platforms, business cards, marketing collateral, and more.
We offer professional headshot photography in Lancaster, SC, and Rock Hill, SC, to help business professionals look their best. We also offer corporate branding and business profile photography services to give business owners in Lancaster, SC, the opportunity to utilize branding guidelines to support wider marketing efforts.
Contact Tamra Mahaffee Artwork and Photography today to schedule your consultation for headshot and company profile photography today. Click to use our online contact form right now.
Graduation Photos
Graduation is a time of change, and as Ferris Bueller once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it”. As you or your teen are transitioning through graduation, we believe that it’s important to capture these moments in time to look back on with fond memories. Graduation is a once-in-a-lifetime moment where you have the chance to leave behind a version of yourself to immortalize forever as you begin building yourself into the person you will become.
Our graduation photography services in Lancaster, SC, help you hold onto these memories as you move on to what’s next. There will be plenty of special moments in your life, but graduation is a culmination of all of your hard work in school, and that deserves a celebration and commemoration.
Let’s talk about your loved one's graduation celebration. Schedule your graduation photography session in Lancaster, SC, or Rock Hill, SC using our convenient online contact form right now.
Prom and Formal Photography
There’s nothing quite like the glitz and glam of a prom or formal, and we make your special moments ones that you’ll remember for life. Our prom and formal photography sessions in Lancaster SC and Rock Hill SC are designed with you in mind. We partner with our clients and their families to create and celebrate memories, friendships, and important relationships for your special night. Tamra knows exactly how to capture the small nuances that make prom pictures so special. You’ll be able to look back on your photos years from now and instantly be transported back to a moment in time when everything was just right.
We understand how much time and effort you’ve put into making your prom night one to remember. From picking out the perfect dress or gown to choosing your accessories and making sure your hair and makeup look perfect, you’ve done a lot – let us take care of the rest! We focus on accentuating all of the details to provide our clients with prom photos that perfectly capture the moment. From fun and candid photos with friends to glamour photos that showcase your beauty, we capture all of the details you want to show off to the world.
Celebrate your prom or formal with Tamra Mahaffee Artwork and Photography. Book your prom photographer in Lancaster, SC, or Rock Hill, SC, right now. Contact us today!
Other Special Event Photography
At Tamra Mahaffee Artwork and Photography, we also specialize in family reunion photography, birthday photography, religious ceremony photography, and more. If it’s special to you, our experienced Lancaster, SC, photography team can capture your memorable moments.
Every photography session in Lancaster, SC, and Rock Hill, SC, is coordinated by Tamra Mahaffee personally. We know the value of planning ahead, so we make sure you are involved every step of the way. Before your big day, we work out the important details to ensure we’re ready to capture all of your special moments. We also meticulously edit your photos using advanced digital editing software to make your details crisp and your colors pop.
Contact Tamra Mahaffee Artwork and Photography to Schedule Your Session
For event photography done right in Lancaster, SC, and the surrounding area, trust the experts at Tamra Mahaffee Artwork and Photography. We’re ready to celebrate your special event or occasion and showcase your style and personality to the world. Schedule your free consultation by calling our Lancaster SC photographers at (803) 320-9853, or schedule online using our convenient contact form.
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