Express Yourself With Portrait Photography
Portraits are one of the oldest forms of artwork. As camera technology evolved, portraiture became one of the most popular forms of photography, allowing artists behind the camera to tell the story of the lived experience of their subjects. Today, portrait photography in Lancaster, SC, is still alive and well at Tamra Mahaffee Artwork and Photography. Tamra is a portrait photographer who recognizes and respects the power behind capturing creative, evocative portraits for her clients.

Whether you’re looking for modeling shots to showcase to friends and family, or you want to commemorate a special time in your life by capturing the essence of the moment, we can help. Our Lancaster SC and Rock Hill SC photographer, Tamra Mahaffee, is experienced in working with all types of portrait photography. She can guide you on a journey and give you the tools you need to express yourself, look your best, and have fun while doing it.
What Makes Our Portrait Photography Different?
Portrait photography is all about reflection. A portrait reflects the inner self. Sometimes this reflection is how we wish to be seen, and at other times, this is a reflection of how we truly are in everyday life. Portrait photography is all about finding the middle ground between reality and fantasy. Your portraits can serve as an empowering symbol that dares to challenge the world. They can also reveal vulnerabilities that you want to display in a nuanced fashion. How you choose to let that inner reflection out to the world is up to you, and our photography team is here to help.

Our portrait photography services in Lancaster, SC, and Rock Hill, SC, are designed with you in mind. We get to know your goals and vision so that your photographer can help you capture the exact emotion you want to portray. For example, perhaps you want the world to see how you’ve changed over the years through an empowering model photoshoot, or maybe you want to create an emotional and artistic retrospective of where you’ve been in life. Our Lancaster, SC, photographer, Tamra Mahaffee, will work with you to find the right elements, setting, location, lighting, and colors to help you express exactly what you want in your personalized portrait photo session.
We Provide the Freedom to Express Yourself Effortlessly
We want you to be as outgoing or reserved as you would like. Express your inner self or play by the rules – it’s up to you. Tamra works hard to make clients feel comfortable and at home during each planning session and photoshoot. We can work with your location preferences or recommend locations in the area that will perfectly complement your style and vision. We can also offer you our studio space for a more intimate experience if you don’t feel like you can truly be yourself in public places. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and free to express yourself no matter what, and we have innovative solutions to accommodate all of our clients.
Our Portrait Photography Process
When you book your session for portrait photography in Lancaster, SC, or Rock Hill, SC, we work through a process that has been demonstrated to make sessions efficient and effective. Below are our steps to help you get the most out of your time:
Consultation and Planning
Before your session, Tamra Mahaffee will discuss your goals and options. Tamra can provide guidance based on her years of experience as a photographer in the Lancaster, SC, region, and she’s happy to offer solutions if you’re looking for choices.
Your Portrait Session
On the day of your portrait session, we will meet at the agreed-upon location in the Lancaster, SC, region. We aim to make your session as stress-free as possible, and we can assist you with set pieces and accessories. If you have hair and makeup that needs to be attended to before your session, we’ll schedule your time around prior appointments so that you look and feel your best.
During your portrait session, Tamra will offer suggestions to help you achieve your desired look. Our team is always patient and understanding, as we know that getting used to the camera can take a little while. Our main goal is your complete satisfaction with every step of the process. We go above and beyond to help you acclimate and get comfortable.
Editing, Portrait Reveal, and Delivery
After your session, we use the latest in advanced digital editing software to ensure each photo looks its best. We work with lighting, color, contrast, and other aspects of photography and editing to bring out the details and shape your images into accurate representations of your vision. Once you have had a chance to review your proofs, we will deliver your digital photos along with a release form authorizing you to print and distribute them as you wish.
Contact Us to Schedule Your Portrait Photography Today
For the personalized portrait photography services Lancaster, SC, residents turn to when they want to look their best, contact Tamra Mahaffee Artwork and Photography. We’ll happily work with you to create lasting memories you’ll be excited to share with friends, family, and loved ones. Call our team today at (803) 320-9853, or click to schedule using our convenient online contact form right now.
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